In Not Another Parenting Book, 12 voices from a range of backgrounds and professions share their insight, expertise and lived experience to help you self-interrogate, challenge the status quo, and adapt to a new way of parenting - one that puts connection, compassion and intuition at its core. This book won't patronise or shame you, or tell you how much you're failing. But it may wake you up to a new perspective and approach, with implementable ideas that you can try and test with you and your children.

In Maria's chapter, she writes honestly about the insidious nature of perfectionism in parenting and how accepting our imperfections can be the greatest parenting gift of all.


Text from the rear cover:

Let's face it ... parenting can feel hard at times! Perhaps there have been moments when you've wanted to walk out the door and never return. Maybe you've spent countless hours lying awake at night, your head spinning with anxieties and berating self-talk. Perhaps you wish you could take a magic pill to solve all of your parenting woes. No matter how many 'how tos' of parenting we may follow, we can feel like we're swimming against the tide, drowning in a sea of information, shame and guilt as we desperately try to get this parenting thing right!

Children are not robots (and neither are you). There is no one-size-fits-all approach to raising unique souls in deeply complex human bodies. And frankly, much of the mainstream advice and strategies from reputable sources only serve to widen the disconnection between you and your child, leaving you spiralling deeper into shame and that oh-too-familiar guilt.