Wild woman rising.

Breaking Free.

Untethering the soul.

Releasing ALL of me.

For I am the fire,

And I am the rain.

I’ll expose it all,

As I step out of my shame.

Unfurling like a fern

To the call of intuition.

Re-birthing this woman

Into all of her fruition.


I’ve been lost to the shadows before, programmed to keep my heart closed. My soul shackled. My pain buried.


With one foot in the sun I fell back into darkness, into the feeling of perpetual falling, light diminishing, shame calling my name.


Enveloped in the familiar comfort of shadows, I hid once more. But I mourned the sun and grieved its warmth.


Hiding is merely a form of incubation; a preparation of things new.


I dived into my discomfort once again. Into the swirling chaos of vulnerability, unarmed and bare. Both fighting and surrendering at the same time. The process of self -discovery, of rediscovery, requires us to unearth ourselves many times over.


So here I am.

Wild Woman Rising once again,

From the ashes of the fire of my pain.

I am the extremities

And all that’s in-between.

An instrument in the hands of forces,

Which can be felt but never seen.

Forever re-revealing

Into forms more true and true.

Perpetual metamorphosis.

Divinity breaking through.

Harnessing all the Knowing

A call to somewhere feeling home.

Wild Woman Rising,

Returning to her throne.


Through vulnerability comes an incredible amount of power and connection, and this is a huge catalyst for healing, growth and change. You can read more stories of courageous people stepping into their vulnerability in Maria’s book The Silent Scream: An Anthology of Despair, Struggle and Hope. A collection of raw, honest and inspirational memoirs, anecdotes, poems and artworks, this anthology is an offer of a hand in your darkest moments to pull you up and pull you out of your self- destructive thought processes, patterns and behaviours. Profits from the sale of the book are being donated to Heads On- a Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Charity supporting people with their mental health.


Photographs by Flora Westbrook. Words by Maria Alfieri - November 2020

Article originally published on: Flora Westbrook Flimic and Atmospheric