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November 2020

PREVIEW CLIP of upcoming interview. I was given the privilege of speaking to Alice McGurran at about my experiences collating The Silent Scream Anthology and why we should look beyond labels to find our support network.




November 2020

I’ve been lost to the shadows before, programmed to keep my heart closed by past experiences. Having spent the last few years stepping out of these old shadows, reprogramming, and quelling patterns and behaviours that no longer serve me, I found myself at the beginning of this year collapsing, or perhaps more appropriately, relapsing, as my new foundations... Click here for the full article...


World mental health day 2020

October 2020

Video message created for Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust charity Heads On on World Mental Health Day 2020. Part of a collection video clips for Heads On.




June 2020

Shame is often a concealed and dangerous emotion, informing us of our inadequacies and unworthiness. It is an emotion which can lead us to believe that we are entirely flawed, bad, wrong, unwanted and un-loveable. It motivates us to hide who we are for fear that who we are is not enough. In a society where we are encouraged to be anything and everything... Click here for the full article...



A time for self-reflection

February 2020

There was a time when I couldn’t look in the mirror. I would avoid them at all costs. Accidentally catching my reflection in a shop window would reduce me to tears. For years I refused to have my photograph taken. I didn’t want there to be any evidence that I’d ever existed. I wanted nothing more than to quietly starve myself out of this life, to fade away as if I had... Click here for the full article...



A Learning Curve: What I learnt in the process of collating The Silent Scream anthology

April 2019

During the process of collating The Silent Scream anthology I have learnt to let go of my beliefs that ‘a good education’ will help to set children up for life and have redefined my own interpretation of what a ‘good education’ actually means. Of course there are obvious benefits of having a ‘good education’ and it definitely helps to open up doors that might... Click here for the full article...



Stranger Danger and the Threat Lurking Closer to Home

January 2019 - Trigger Warnings.

Contrary to the stereotype, most child sex offenders are not ‘dirty old men’ lurking around parks or ‘white van men.’ They are often quite ‘normal’ to other people and frequently the last person you’d suspect. Child abuse is committed by men, women, teenagers and children. They come in all shapes and sizes. There isn’t one ‘type’ of person. Offenders come from... Click here for the full article...



October 2018 - Trigger Warnings.

Anyone being consumed by their pain and suffering will understand the need to be heard, the need to have their feelings acknowledged and validated, to know that they are not alone in the swirling chaos of their rage, grief and fears, which we mask behind our smile as we make our way through the world. Click here for the full article...